Asthma and sport

Asthma and Sport Organisation (NGO) was established in May 2000, in order to help asthma patients live a better life – to offer them expert help in the field of sport and physical activity.

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The 2nd International Asthma and Sport Academy (14st – 18th October 2013)

offers a unique opportunity to become well informed on the very important and very sensitive relation between one of the highly incidental non-communicable chronic diseases – asthma – and one of the basic human needs – regular and appropriate physical activity.

The work of the International Asthma and Sport Academy (IASA) is based on the following pillars, which are proportionally represented throughout the programme:

  • scientific results on the benefits of physical activity for patients with asthma;
  • ten years of field experience on the part of the Asthma and Sport Organization;
  • integrative patient-centred health care;
  • patients’ responsibility for actively participating in disease management;
  • support from the world’s top experts on various asthma topics.


The Academy invites students and workers from various areas such as sports science and physical educationalists, physiotherapists, health care specialists, nurses, yoga, buteyko and other therapists, as well as elite sport, youth and fitness trainers with sufficient background in human anatomy and physiology, and provides them with opportunities for academic and social interaction.


The Asthma and Sport Academy is

“Supported by the International Alliance of Patients’ Organizations”.