Asthma and sport

Asthma and Sport Organisation (NGO) was established in May 2000, in order to help asthma patients live a better life – to offer them expert help in the field of sport and physical activity.

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Message from dr. Milan Hosta


Asthma is one of the top chronic non-communicable diseases among children. In times when I was young (I am not that old; born 1973), sport was recognized as a contra productive action when diagnosed with asthma. Luckily this myth recently faced the reality that physical activity is a basic human need and sport was recognized, when exercised properly, as a very efficient preventive tool for asthma.

Personally, there has been a long way from serious life threatening asthma episodes in childhood, through occasional adolescent exercise induced asthma symptoms, to asthma free early adulthood, where the peak was a degree in Physical Education with the thesis on Kinesiotherapy in asthma. In ten years of leading the Asthma and Sport Organization many experiences has accumulated, especially supporting children with asthma. Not to mention that both of my girls shown tendency to develop asthma symptoms, but so far we are successfully preventing them.

I see asthma as a challenge and opportunity for the travel to the inner world. Asthma is connected to breathing, which means that the door to subconscious is open. That is why doctors are saying that each patient has its own asthma, and that it is so hard to treat it without the active cooperation of a client. This is why I believe only in integrative treatment of asthma.

International Asthma and Sport Academy is an attempt to transfer the grass-root and expert knowledge. To support many individuals and organizations that has the capacity to lead organized sports programs with specific health issue. There are many national and international declarations, strategies, recommendations, and policies that recommend such approach towards healthier future. But if they are not followed or preceded by action, they do more harm than good, because they create a lack. If anyone, then the asthmatic would know what is a lack, a lack of air. That is why this initiative is guided by asthmatics for asthmatics.


We should not ignore the fact that healthy lifestyle and disease control in childhood determines quality of health throughout the lifespan. Our responsibility to take special care for children cannot be postponed to another time or to another place. You are most welcome to join us on this path or support our efforts in any other way.


About dr. Milan Hosta

  • free from asthma since the age of 16
  • PE teacher with PhD in philosophy
  • licensed BBA Buteyko practitioner
  • licensed Asthma School leader by University Clinic Golnik
  • lecturer in Sport Ethics and Inclusive Kinesiology at University of Primorska